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Litigation San Marcos Highlands

Endangered Habitats League is litigating the San Marcos Highlands project and Environmental Impact Report. Please see the link 2017-01-13-petition to learn about the litigation.

Press Release


For Immediate Release:  San Marcos Highlands Litigation


The City of San Marcos approved the controversial San Marcos Highlands project in November 2016, in the face of significant opposition from environmental groups and community residents. Endangered Habitats League (EHL) has criticized this project and its proposed annexation of County lands for many years, citing the project’s environmental impacts and inconsistency with the County’s General Plan.  Specifically, by multiplying currently allowable densities, the project as now approved would cut off a vital wildlife corridor identified in the draft North County Multiple Species Conservation Program. The County of San Diego and state and federal wildlife agencies have expressed this same concern over conflicts with regional habitat planning.

On behalf of EHL, the law firm of Kevin K. Johnson filed a legal challenge on Friday, January 13, 2017 based on the City’s failure to proceed in a manner required by the California Environmental Quality Act, inconsistency with applicable plans, lack of a reliable water supply, and other issues.

Dan Silver, Executive Director of EHL, stated,

“The project must be modified so that San Diego’s wildlife can continue to move across the landscape. There is no excuse for not doing so, and we are ready and able to work with the City and applicant to achieve this goal.” 

Endangered Habitats League is a Southern California conservation group, dedicated to ecosystem protection and sustainable land use.

 Contact:          Dan Silver, Executive Director
                        Endangered Habitats League

Fund Appeal: Endangered Habitats League needs your help litigating the San Marcos Highlands.

Many people expressed their concerns at the recent City Council hearing on the San Marcos Highlands.  Attorney Kevin Johnson, representing the Endangered Habitats League, did a wonderful job trying to help the San Marcos City Council understand some of the problems with the project.  Dr. Lesley Williams also provided testimony showing how the San Marcos Highlands documents were flawed. Other residents noted problems with traffic and lack of parks. Sadly the Council approved the San Marcos Highlands. Only one Council member, Chris Orlando, heard the residents and voted against the San Marcos Highlands.

The Endangered Habitats League is now litigating the City of San Marcos approval of the project and certification of the Environmental Impact Report because of failure to address key environmental and community issues.

Endangered Habitats League needs your help covering court costs and other fees.

Send funds to the Endangered Habitats League, noting on the check or on their website that the funds are:

“For San Marcos Highlands Legal Fund”.  

 Send funds to:

Endangered Habitats League
c/o Dan Silver, Executive Director
8424 Santa Monica Blvd Suite A 592
Los Angeles, CA 90069-4267